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              bout the book                                                                                                                                                                      

                           Whether you choose to show or simply enjoy riding dressage without competing it is                                   well worth your while to be comfortable with the arena and the figures you ride.
                           In competition valuable points can be thrown away by not executing the movements in                               the right place. Whether you have a brilliantly moving horse or one that is stiff and old                                 you can still do the geometry correctly.
                           One doesn't even need to be on a horse to get an understanding of where you should                               to be on a circle or on a diagonal changing rein.
                           All it takes is a little homework. Draw an arena and do your movements like connecting                               dots. The more comfortable you are with the geometry the more you can concentrate                                 on riding your horse.
                           How we execute the movements tells a lot about the weak and strong points of our                                     horse and training. Riding a line, be it straight or curved is like driving a car on a road. If the car keeps pulling to the left we are aware of it because we can see the road and lines. If you were driving on open land with no road or lines you would not notice nearly as easily.
If you are riding movements and do not have a "road" in your mind you might not notice that your left circles are always smaller than your right ones or that you are drifting sideways on a diagonal. The "lines" unlike on a road, are virtual.
There are no tricks to the geometry even in the dressage tests. They might look confusing but just follow the test instructions and again connect the dots.
This booklet, along with a bit of studying and practice will help with understanding the geometry part of dressage.


The book is laminated so you can safely keep it at the barn.
It has 13 colour diagrams of the full size arena and 1 diagram with the measurements of the  shortened arena. The diagrams cover circles, half circles, diagonals and serpentine. Each diagram  has text explaining the movements.
An example of a diagram and it's text is shown below.

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Printed Book


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   urchasing Information

Laminated book $29.95 including first class mail within the US. For orders outside the US a shipping quote will  be given for your approval.

Ebook  $9.95

*If you have any trouble purchasing the book please contact

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Jill Duxbury                                                                                                                                      818 404-0932                                                                                               

8.00 am to 9.00 pm   PST   

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